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As long as your account is active, we retain all data - nothing ever gets deleted, and our databases are backed up to protect against possible data loss. If you cancel your account, we retain everything for a period of 30 days so you can download a copy of everything. There is an export feature that will generate a zip file that contains all waivers for any date range you choose. The zip file contains all the waivers as html files, and includes html web page table of contents you can view to navigate through all the waivers.
Yes, but be aware that disabling General Admission will mean that in order to sign a waiver, users must select from one of your events. If this is the desired behavior, use the steps below to hide the General Admission button.
  1. Log into the admin (e.g.
  2. Go to Settings >> Customize Labels
  3. Erase the General Admission Term.
  4. Click Save
When the General Admission Term is blank, the button will disappear. Note that if you want to simply rename the General Admission term, you can do so under the same area. Just change the value to anything you like and click Save.

Yes, WaiverFile lets you organize your Waiver collection and storage by parties. You can set up parties in your site admin (e.g. under the Events section. Create new events and they will appear for visitors to select from when they sign their waiver. Depending on how you use this feature, you can change the wording. For example, if your business hosts birthday parties, you may want the option to say "Here for a party?". These labels can be customized under Settings >> Customize Labels.

On the dashboard, you will have an overview of all the current events going on. This makes it easy to ensure that all the members of a party have completed their waiver.

When you export waivers, your data will be organized into events as they were collected.
Yes, some form fields can be removed, but are enabled by default. In your site admin ( under Settings, select General Settings. At the bottom of that screen, you can choose which fields you want to include and/or require. Note that the participant name and full name are always enabled and cannot be removed. If you wish to add additional form fields, select the Custom Questions option under Settings.
Accepting waivers on your website is easy. You can simply create a link to your WaiverFile site (e.g. or if you prefer, log into your WaiverFile admin and go to Settings >> Share Buttons. There you can choose from several options for sharing the link to your WaiverFile site. 
Customers do not have to log in to sign a waiver. They can, however, create a password, which will allow them to sign in next time they visit and fill out the form more quickly. This makes it easier for repeat customers to complete their waiver signing process.

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